Ze Rest Of Uz

by Julsy

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Many thanks to

Zach Schimpf
for his work on "One more day"

Mom, Dad, Sis and Dog
for their work on "Ze rest of uz"
even if they didn't want to in the first place

for his work on "Nonsense"

"A gentle, often beautiful, reminder that there’s so much magical music hiding in the world." - ‏Gold Flake Paint

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released May 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Julsy Montpellier, France

julsy /ʒylsi/ n :
1 bedroom artist, singer/songwriter, acoustic electronic music maker.
2 eternal child trying to reconcile her laziness with her never-ending need for creativity.

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Track Name: Broken Transmissions
You’ve been stored between boxes and worms
For far too long

You’ve been used and you’ve been left behind
A broken toy

Unplug your mind and switch your heart off
Embrace the dark

And it’s only a matter of time
Before you fall
Track Name: C'est Pas Grave
A glass is thrown on the floor
And that’s alright

The hurt, I’ve been there before
And that’s alright

A book whose pages are torn
And that’s alright

It’s late, the lamplights are on
And that’s alright
Track Name: One More Day ft. Zach Schimpf
You were so far away
And where have I been today
Up and down again
The sun is pouring in

Rain falls on our skin
But I don’t mind
You’re going to leave again
So I don’t mind

One last time
To climb that hill
One more day
I’ll be okay

One more day
I’ll just have to wait
Track Name: Yes Mom
One last check before you go out
Have you
Combed your hair ?
Found something to wear ?
And... what ?
Did you even listen to everything I just said ?
Oh I'll just repeat it anyway

Blah blah blah...

Don't get around town no no no no
Don't get around town no

Don't go there alone no no no no
Don't go there alone no

Don't cross the main road no no no no
Don't cross the main road no

Don't follow creeps home no no no no
Don't follow creeps home no

Don't forget your coat no no no no
Don't forget your coat no

Blah blah blah blah blah no no no no
Blah blah blah blah blah no